Linux „at“ ignores timezone

While trying to solve some Nagios issue, I remembered that there’s the „at“ command scheduler. It allows to execute a given command at a specified time. So, for example, it’s possible to say „run the SMS sending command at 7 o’clock“:

echo sms-sending-command | at 07:00

If invoked like that, 07:00 is interpreted to mean „07:00 in the current timezone„. It’s also possible to say that 07:00 is supposed to be in the UTC timezone, like so:

echo sms-sending-command | at 07:00 UTC

On my Solaris 10 machines (and also on my Mac OS X notebook), this really works like it should — but on Linux (I tested ArchLinux, Debian & Mandriva), it doesn’t 😦 Check this out: Weiterlesen