Windows „shutdown -a“ doesn’t work – How to shutdown Windows?

I’ve got a strange problem on one of my Windows systems. I’m trying to abort a „running“ shutdown with the help of the Windows command

shutdown -a

But that does not work 😦

When I run this command (or „shutdown /a“),  my Windows XP Pro system tells me:

A system shutdown is in progress.

Oh, really? Is it? And why don’t you „simply“ abort it then?

But in reality, there is NO shutdown running – at least I can’t see that a shutdown is running.

Now I’m wondering how I could abort this supposedly running shutdown. I could manually logon to the system and press <Ctrl>+<Alt>+<Del> and invoke a System Reboot this way. But this needs to work in an automatted way, and thus such a manual shutdown isn’t a viable solution.

I also cannot run something like this:

shutdown -r


A system shutdown is in progress.


There are two questions:

  1. How do I abort this „virtually“ running shutdown?
  2. How do I reboot a system in an automatted way?


I switched to PsShutdown from SysInternals. And now everything works.

Fine. Sort of.

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