Digg Support doesn’t read e-mails

In iTunes, there’s a subscribable version of the Digg Dialogg series. Checking out the homepage, you can find that there are 3 new interviews in the last three months.

There are 3 updates in the last 3 months - on the web...

There are 3 updates in the last 3 months - on the web...

But checking out iTunes, that doesn’t seem to be the case:

... but in iTunes, there are no news :(

... but in iTunes, there are no news 😦

So I sent an e-mail to Digg:


On the Apple iTunes store, I find an old podcast of the Digg Dialog series. It seems to have ended 2009-07-30 with the interview with Marissa Mayer – but on http://digg.com/dialogg/, I find that there are newer interviews available.

Why isn’t the podcast in iTunes updated?

Digg received that e-mail and answered:

Hi Alexander,

You can find more Digg Dialoggs at this address: http://digg.com/dialogg

-Digg Support

Aha. Thanks for the response, but it wouldn’t hurt, if Digg actually would’ve read my e-mail, where I pointed them to http://digg.com/dialogg. If they would’ve read that, then they wouldn’t have tried to point me to http://digg.com/dialogg

How I hate it, when supporters don’t read to what they reply to 😦 I’m of course aware that this isn’t specific to Digg, but that doesn’t make it any better, does it?


Ein Kommentar zu “Digg Support doesn’t read e-mails

  1. (( Ich schreib mal auf englisch damit es zum Beitrag passt ))

    Try contacting the eBay-Support and you know what real pain is.

    Some time ago I got a mail from eBay regarding a totally unrelated account-name (lets say my account-name is abc123 and the mails were meant for the owner of xyz999 – and no, they weren’t fake!) telling me that „xyz999“ just won an auction.

    So I tried to contact them to tell them that obviously something is going awefully wrong as I received mails that belong to somebody else. There is no way to contact eBay by eMail regarding something like that. Their support-form only allows certain topics (and i couldn’t find a way to mail them directly avoiding the contact-form). None of them matched my problem. So I sent one using the identity-theft topic. I only received a totally meaningless answer that just contained a bunch of pre-written text-modules unrelated to my problem.

    So i had to call them by phone to actually resolve the issue (and even the woman on the phone was totally incompetent – she tried to tell me that it probably happened because someone used that (my) email-address (which is a webmail-provider address) before i did – only problem with that: i’m using that account since 5+ years and the eBay account of that other guy was registered less than a year ago — making me think how somebody else could use an email-account that doesn’t belong to him at all to register).

    On one hand I can understand that big companies have a problem with the amount of mails they get. But at least if its stuff regarding important issues (and identity-theft is important) there should be a (capable) human reading the mails and not some automatic system (or the cleaning-woman *lol*)

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