Core Dumps when run in SMF, fine otherwise‽

I discovered, that my self compiled version of Nagios 3.2.0 core dumps, when I run it using the Solaris SMF facility. But when I run it manually, everything’s fine. Strange…

After VERY shortly „trying out“ Icinga, I changed by mind, and decided to go the more stable road and installed Nagios. As there’s only an „ancient“ version of 3.0.6 available at OpenCSW in their „Current Tree“ at the time of this writing, I went ahead and downloaded the now up-to-date version 3.2.0 from Nagios and installed it. This also involved installing libjpeg, libpng, FreeType and finally gd.

Nagios suffers from the same compilation troubles, that Icinga has. And thus they are solved in exactly the same way 🙂 But how to compile Nagios shouldn’t beis not the topic of this post. The topic is, that Nagios core dumps, when I have Solaris 10 start it using the SMF thingie. What very much confuses me, is that it works just fine, when I run it manually, even after having set the environment exactly the same way it is set, when SMF has control. Strange!

To be able to use SMF to control the „application/nagios“ service, a manifest XML file needs to exist. And also a method file („init script“) has to be there. The method file I use, is based on the original Nagios supplied one with some minor tweaks. If you checkout those files, you’ll see that this is pretty darn basic stuff.

Well, why is it so, that the nagios binary core dumps, when I run it under SMF control and behaves just fine, when I run it manually?

That has to be found out – hopefully, in an Update soon 🙂 Until then, it is rather:



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