How’s Monopoly City Streets protected against dummy cheat users?

Monopoly City Streets is a rather cool game, and I quite like it. But I wonder how the game system (and thus other players) are protected against dummy cheat users which are just fraud?


User A buys a cheepo street worth 100k. User B now gets created and buys Cheepo St for 3,000,000. User A now has 5,900,000 Monopoly Dollars. Now User A buys Cheepo Ave for again 100k. Newly created User C buys Cheepo Ave for 3,000,000. User A now has 8,800,000 Monopoly $. Repeat ad nauseam.

How’s the system protected against such a „malicious“ User A, who creates many dummy users (B & C in this case), who’s only purpose in life is to buy a street from User A?

4 Kommentare zu “How’s Monopoly City Streets protected against dummy cheat users?

  1. You are right to be worried about fake accounts, but your example is incorrect. The minimum you can offer is the deed value and the maximum you can pay is 150% of deed value.

    With enough dummy accounts and enough time on your hands, it is still possible to make boatloads of money by flipping properties, but it isn’t as simple as buy for $100k and sell for $3million each time.

    • All right, thanks, I didn’t know that there’s a 150% maximum set.

      But the problem still exists. And with automatization tools (like Watir), it’s just a question of time. And if you run it on multiple systems (eg. virtual systems like VMware or whatever), the time factor isn’t such a problem.

  2. I don’t know why they don’t require a 24 hour hold once you buy a property. Yes, you can still flip a $1 million property for $1.5 million, but if you can only do that once a day AND you lose out on the rent going to your main account, then would people be as likely? It would certainly cut it back a lot…

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